"When they told me I had to have the cardiac catheterization, I was so scared, but I watched it on the screen... very interesting. It did not hurt, just a warm feeling through my body. I feel lucky because they found blockage in an artery and were immediately able to do angioplasty and place a stent in the artery."


"The procedure was painless although I must admit that I was a bit anxious during the cath. The worst thing was having to keep my leg still for 6 hours after the cath."


"I have now experienced the Cardiac Cath Lab 3 times. Thanks to a kind and caring Invasive Cardiologist and a terrific staff at Jersey Shore Medical Center, my apprehensions were immediately addressed and overcome. I felt absolutely nothing!!! Thank God for Versed!!!!"


"I had a cardiac cath done by Dr. Harkins two years ago and, even though I was quite anxious about it at the time, I must let everyone reading his webpage know that there is absolutely nothing to be frightened about regarding the cath procedure. I found it very interesting to be able follow along by viewing the monitors. Seeing my spinal column up close and personal was neat too. The only thing I wasn't expecting was the taste of the dye as it passed through my mouth area. Yuch! It only was bad for just a second, no longer. Again, I say don't worry. After all, I had my procedure done on Friday the 13th! :-)"


"After 13 of them and open heart surgery I can say they saved my life, and the reason for so many was they had to go in and put in stents and also had to rotoblade. My doctor said he wouldn't do anymore, I had enough, and that I should be able to do my own! Don't be uptight, it's nothing to worry about. The 6 hours after the procedure is the worst part."


"After having several tests done at the hospital and coming up empty-handed as to what was wrong with my heart, they came into my room and told me they were going to do a cardiac catheterization the next day. I was very anxious and did not sleep a wink. In the morning, I was extremely scared as we headed to the cath lab. Thank goodness I was given a cocktail which helped me relax (did it ever!). After that, I watched the procedure while the doctor and nurses talked to about what was going on. After the procedure they spent 20 min putting pressure on the packing over the wound and put sand bags on my leg. I was told not to move my leg for 6 hours. I was so tired from not sleeping the night before, that I slept through it. They also found what they needed to know."


"I just got home yesterday. I as many was very apprehensive about the procedure, I don't do well being still anytime, let alone something like this. My quiet period was somewhat longer than the 6-8 hours expected, however with the help of a comforting nursing staff, a cool fan, and a few good movies, I managed the 20 hours or so. I still haven't found out why the lengthy time period, but I'm here and my family seems to think that is all that matters. And by the way, the bruising that might occur...nothing to worry about and actually something to show off!"


"I just had a Heart Cath. done on Monday the 26th of November 2001. The experience was very painless and I was not uncomfortable at any time. The Dr. who performed it was Dr. Pedro Rivas in San Antonio,Texas. And the outcome was good ...NO BLOCKAGE!!! Now I am having an MRI done on Monday."


"I must say that today I was feeling terrified of the procedure scheduled for this afternoon so I looked up this page and after reading the comments of other cath patients I feel much more at ease. I will let you know how the procedure goes later on. Thank you so much."


"As a person who has just had a cardiac cath, it is scary if it is not explained fully prior to the procedure. It is an invasive procedure; however, it is not a painful procedure. My cardiologist was able to put a stent in one of the arteries right away which prevented the heart attack I was just hours away from having. Both my cardiologist and primary were able to see that my arteries were exceptionally small and would block more easily than someone with normal arteries. During the cath they also found a second artery that is blocked and will have to return to put a stent in. They can do this without subjecting me to further stress testing which I appreciate."